'It matters not one jot Mr. Holmes whether you believe in the devil,' said Crowley, 'what matters is that he believes in you.'

The nineteenth century is about to draw to a close. In its place will come the twentieth, a century of change, a century of science, a century that will see the superstitions of the past swept away. There are some who are determined to see that never happens.

A body is found crushed to death in the snow of Grosvenor Square. There are no footprints anywhere near it. It is almost as if the man was killed by the air itself. This is the first in a series of attacks that sees a handful of London's most prominent occultists murdered. While pursuing the case, consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusty biographer and friend Dr. John Watson find themselves dragged from their Baker Street rooms to Scotland to meet with the one person they have been told can help: Aleister Crowley.

As dark powers encircle them, Holmes' rationalist beliefs begin to be questioned. The unbelievable and unholy are on their trail as they gather a group of the most accomplished occult minds in the country: Doctor John Silence, the so-called Psychic Doctor; supernatural investigator Thomas Carnacki; runic expert and demonologist, Julian Karswell... But will they be enough? As the century draws to a close it seems London is ready to fall and the infernal abyss is growing wide enough to swallow us all.


The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Breath of God (Further Advent/Sherlock Holmes)