Life On Mars gave me my professional break in writing.

From an interview with James Whittington for The Horror Channel:

"I'd always written fiction for pleasure but about six years ago I was involved in a small publishing outfit and I approached the production company Kudos Film & Television trying to pitch them books about their shows. At that point they had just started screening Life On Mars but they were already successful with shows like Hustle and Spooks.

Trying to remember why I decided to approach them is beyond me now, something had put the idea in my head but God knows what... probably wine.

Anyway, I tried to convince them that books about TV shows didn't have to be predictable and boring and that if they were interested in doing something a bit different then they should let me know. Cocky git. Upshot was, I was invited to a meeting with the head of the company (alongside my good friend, the brilliant designer Lee Thompson) to discuss just that. We left an hour later having agreed to produce a proposal that would be presented to publishers. Now, most proposals are a few sheets of A4, a word document outlining the intentions, but we produced a crazy, beautiful thing, fully-designed, packed full of samples and illustrations, the most ridiculously OTT proposal you ever saw. A book in itself.

It sold, and Lee and I ended up producing two volumes about Life On Mars for Simon & Schuster. The writing of the first coincided with my moving out here to Spain and my poor partner, Debra, ended up handling everything while I concentrated on trying to get this... my first ever professional book... written. Somehow I got away with it and having found there was no other work on offer over here I kept going. I've now written about twenty books, everything from biographies to my own novels. Fiction will always be my first love but I'm lucky that I've been able to turn my hand to lots of different things, it's helped to keep the roof on."

Those two books also led to three humour books written as "Gene Hunt" (one of the show's leads).


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