Ray - So… thinking about these books what the Guv wrote, I wondered if we might, you know, get in on the act a bit. I've knocked this up by remembering things the Guv's said about stuff, thought we could maybe send it to his publishers, get a cut of the proceeds. What do you think?

Chris - I think you'll be wearing your knacker-sack as a cap when the Guv sees it. Worth a try though I suppose.

Unable to resist the possibility of some easy cash, DC Chris Skelton and DS Ray Carling have brought together some of DCI Gene Hunt's (rather original) pearls of wisdom. Covering everything from women ("A smack on the arse and a whiff of Brut knocks 'em bandy, girls like to be appreciated.") to talking to fellow officers ("You great soft, sissy, girly, nancy, French bender Man Utd supporting poof!") this collection shows that the only thing 'The Guv' can't restrain is his tongue.

'Anything you say will be taken down, ripped up and shoved down your scrawny neck until you choke to death.' DCI GENE HUNT



The Wit and Wisdom of Gene Hunt