The Obverse Book of Ghosts

Think ghosts just hang around spooky old houses or crumbling graveyards?

Think again.

Obverse Books is proud to announce a new collection of contemporary ghost stories that will unnerve and terrify. The Obverse Book of Ghosts collects 14 tales of spectral terror, guaranteed to leave you awake at night.

Editor Cavan Scott says: ďThe Obverse Book of Ghosts follows in the phantasmagorical footsteps of those classic supernatural anthologies of the past, but drags the unquiet dead screaming into the 21st Century. After all, isnít it about time we were once again afraid of things that go bump in the night?Ē

"There is also a lot of originality on display here and for once itís a collection that doesnít take itself too seriously with several tales showing that humour can be used successfully in a horror story without lessening its impact. An enjoyable and wide ranging collection with something for every palette." - Black Abyss