Spawned from Horror and Fear come the familiars of Terror - 12 awesome tales to haunt your days and chill your dreams - every single one now published for the first time. It includes: The Drum of terror that beats its own terrible rhythm; The Boy that cowers at his own shadow; The Creatures that lurk beneath the waves; The Door that appears from nowhere; The Evil secret of the plumbing; and The Explorers that travel to Heaven. It also comes with stories by: Guy Adams; James Cooper; Gary Fry; Rhys Hughes; Davin Ireland; Mike Kelly; Garry Kilworth; Gary McMahon; Simon Strantzas; John Travis; Carol Weekes; Introduction by Mark Morris!


The First Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories: Selected by Ian Alexander Martin

A fun riff on the old Pan Books of Horror designed to showcase a story from  each of the writers who had a book available from Humdrumming. That included me. "The Door" was probably the first short story I'd ever written that worked fully. I was - and still am - very proud of it. With slight revisions it ended up becoming part of RESTORATION so please don't hunt this book down in the hope of reading something "new". Hunt it down instead for the excellent other takes in the collection.