My first original novels, both released in the UK and US by Angry Robot Books. 

I wanted to take the old chestnut that is the fantasy 'epic journey' novel and subvert it. So I set the whole thing inside a house. Albeit a terribly strange one.

It's difficult to convey the massive deal these books were (and still are) for me. As much as I had enjoyed writing the several tie-in novels that preceded them, the chance to create something totally original was a dream come true.

That's not to say the writing of them was easy, of course, especially the climax of RESTORATION which was originally written while suffering from concussion. Thankfully I was later able to go back to it and turn the delirious nonsense into something that makes sense.

On the subject of sense: RESTORATION doesn't make any if you haven't read THE WORLD HOUSE. One reviewer gamely tried and found himself weeping in confusion thirty pages in. It's not so much that it's one big novel split over two books, the two novels are very different, but RESTORATION is a direct response to the events of THE WORLD HOUSE and you really need to know what happened there to stand a chance of keeping up. 

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