"Guy Adams is either barking mad or a genius, I haven't decided. His truly fantastic debut is like being caught in a theme park with a killer clown - fun, adventure, the odd cream pie - and a sharp knife when you're not looking."- Mark Chadbourn

"Great idea in very incapable hands. He should email his ideas to Dan Simmons and let him write it." - 'Daniel2' on Goodreads

Guy Adams lives in Spain, surrounded by rescue animals. Some of them are his family. He spent over ten years working as a professional actor and comedian. He has pretended to be Ernest Hemingway, Hitler, Sherlock Holmes and writhed about in his underpants simulating sex with a woman dressed as a horse. Acting is an unusual thing to do with one's time.

Eventually he decided he'd quite like to eat regularly. Switching careers he became a full-time writer.

Nobody said he was clever. 

Against all odds he managed to stay busy and since then he has written over twenty books. From bestselling humour title THE RULES OF MODERN POLICING (1973 Edition) to novels for BBC Books' TORCHWOOD range and brand new adventures for Sherlock Holmes in THE BREATH OF GOD and THE ARMY OF DR MOREAU.

He is the author of THE WORLD HOUSE novels, the DEADBEAT series and the weird westerns THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE INFERNAL and ONCE UPON A TIME IN HELL. 

He also writes comics, including THE ENGINE from Madefire, the creator-owned GOLDTIGER and the forthcoming ULYSSES SWEET: MANIAC FOR HIRE from 2000AD.

THE CLOWN SERVICE, his new series from Del Rey UK mixes espionage with horror and fantasy. Because he's never met a genre he didn't like. He isn't a spy. But he is a boy, so naturally he's always dreamed of being one.  Also he worked as a part-time "essay writer for you" at academic writing services.

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